Loft Thai Spa & Beautiful Art by Nisakorn in Bangkok

Art has always been a beautiful form of creativity that can be shared with the world. It's the one form of communication that artists can have with individuals around the world. Different styles, strokes, or colors that are being used display a unique sense of beauty. At Loft Thai, we give opportunities to artists around Thailand to display their talents to our customers. 

Top Best Massage in Bangkok by Clever Thai

Top Best Massage in Bangkok by Clever Thai

Are you wandering around the streets of Bangkok figuring out what you would like to do by yourself or with a friend? If all the ideas that you have at the top of your head are to visit the mall or walk down the streets for local restaurants, then you should think about getting a Thai massage at the best massage & spa salon in Bangkok.

Experience an Intensive Facial Treatment

Experience an Intensive Facial Treatment in Bangkok

Although we are coming to the end of 2022, there is still time to revamp your year or to get you ready for the next year with an experience that you have not experienced yet. There are many people out there in Bangkok that are looking to polish themselves with new and refreshed skin. If you haven't yet, Loft Thai Massage & Spa is ready for you today.

Difference between Reflexology and Foot Massage

An end-of-the-day type of massage is always something that people look for after work or after a long day of running errands. When visiting a massage & spa salon, it's common to request a traditional Thai massage or even a foot massage to get their day going. However, there is another form of massage that isn't thought about a lot: reflexology.

Unbelievable Thai Warrior Massage

Unique and Extraordinary Thai Warrior Massage in Bangkok

You may have encountered an unordinary type of Thai massage on the internet or in photos where the therapist performs a massage on the patient whilst looking like a warrior. This is what they call the Thai Warrior Massage. This unique technique is performed by the best of the best in the business who understands the importance of why it benefits a client.

Aromatherapy Massage in Bangkok

Aromatherapy Massage in Bangkok

An aromatherapy massage is a unique type of massage that uses essential oils that provides multiple benefits to the human body. This Swedish massage involves a recharging treatment that gives allows you to arrive at a relaxed and energized state of mind. With the use of essential oils, you are given effects from the release of the perfume that is inhaled from through your skin to enhance the multi-sensory systems in your body. 

Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok

Finding out the Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok and Thailand

Loft Thai is a boutique Spa & Massage salon based in the heart of Bangkok with a full range of massages such as Thai massage, Oil massage, and anti-aging facials. Our trained and licensed therapists will get you through the journey of all of our packages. With the skill and knowledge of our team, we provide the best facial treatments in the city with the use of unique products and by providing an atmosphere like no other. 

Honeymoon in Bangkok

Massage & Spa for your Honeymoon in Bangkok and Thailand

Thailand has always been a top destination for tourists whether it’s visiting the beautiful lights of Bangkok or the wonders of the beaches. Even during the covid-19 era (the last 2-3 years), Thailand still stands to be a top destination for people to visit. Looking at it from another perspective, with all its beauty in the country, couples around the world pin Thailand as a great honeymoon destination for many different reasons.

Loft Thai Spa Award-Winning Spa in Bangkok

Loft Thai Spa Award-Winning Spa in Bangkok and Thailand

Loft Thai Spa is a Boutique Spa & Massage wellbeing with a menu of different massages that range from traditional Thai massage, oil massage, and anti-aging facial treatments in Bangkok. We pride ourselves on being a top boutique spa in Bangkok that can provide all kinds of massages to our clients.

Benefits of Couple Massages in Bangkok

Benefits of Couple Massages in Bangkok and Thailand

Massages have always been a form of activity that individuals look for after a long day at work or as a leisure activity. Here in Bangkok, whatever road you take, you are very likely to encounter a massage parlor or a boutique massage & spa parlor. It is actually a common activity in Bangkok to experience a Thai massage at the street parlors or at a boutique parlor.