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What we do

Welcome to the most turnkey profitable Thai Spa & Massage franchise which focuses on Thai massage, Aromatherapy and facials. Our services are offered to clients in Thailand and surrounding areas.

Story & Mission

We founded our first Loft Thai Spa located in Bangkok, Thailand with a strong commitment to our mission statement: to provide professional, convenient, affordable spa & massage services by combining massage skills, digital expertise and a strong business model.

From crisis in 2020 to success in 2022

Covid has disrupted spa & wellness industry. Now clients want more privacy, better quality and are more connected. We are all about providing high-quality therapeutic treatments, clean environments and digital strategy. We are creating a new business model and first-class experience for our clients.

As people leave the sedentary quarantine lifestyle behind and become more active, many will look to massage therapy to relieve aching muscles unaccustomed to hard exercise, making massage franchises a top franchise investment in 2022.

Loft Thai Spa is well-known for its highly trained and certified massage therapists. We believe in providing therapeutic treatments with the highest quality. Our attitude is that we will not settle for less than the best. To adapt to changing preferences and services, we monitor the feedback from our customers constantly. Customers love our "Authentic Thai Spa & Massage" with an extremely clean environment and friendly service. As the led business continues to expand, we are proud to provide career opportunities for countless massage therapists, estheticians, and entrepreneurs and an attainable path to wellness for everyone who visits our Thai Spa in Thailand and France.

Spa business model & Digital Transformation

Loft Thai Spa helps driven entrepreneurs to live a fulfilling and balanced life with our supportive franchise opportunity. If you're looking for a way to improve the lives of others and build a better future for yourself, then our spa and massage franchise might be for you. Our award-winning spa has one of the highest product quality, customer satisfaction, and franchisee satisfaction in the industry. We stand out among our competitors because we offer three distinct services that allow customers to relax and rejuvenate.

The industry of health and well-being has experienced rapid growth recently as more people realize self-care should not be a luxury. Our franchise owners see spa visits as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. They are now bringing this popular service to their communities. We are looking to find like-minded individuals who understand the importance of holistic wellness and want to be part of our mission to improve mind, body and soul.

A strong digital strategy is the key to success. As Loft Thai Spa is owned by a group that also owned a digital agency, we understand the importance of having the best digital marketing & tech strategy such as online advertising, digital branding, online booking platform, online payment, social media strategy, social listening strategy, seo on-site and seo off-site strategy.

What are the benefits to have a Loft Thai Spa Franchise?

There are many benefits to partner with Loft Thai Spa. These are just some of the many benefits they can have for your business.

  • Supportive Start-Up & Ongoing Guidance: Breath easy with our assistance during real estate acquisition and negotiations.
  • Training & Products: As a certified thai massage school in Thailand, we provide in-house training & organic products for all our franchises
  • In-House Digital & Advertising Agency: Engage through our media placement, online Booking & Payment technology, CRM, SEM, SEO, email marketing and social media.
  • Sustainable Strategy: Local Organic products & Art Gallery by Thai local Artists
  • Membership Based Model: Grow with a recurring revenue stream that fuels profitability and scalability.
  • Markets Available Worldwide: Explore ownership opportunities across the World.

Award-Winning Spa in Thailand

We were honored to share the stage with some of the spa-world’s most renowned companies and would like to thank ELLE BEAUTY for this prestigious honor! This award is a reward for the perseverance of Loft Thai Spa and the entire team behind. For us, this wonderful award is the perfect start to the new normal. Let us assure you that this award motivates us even more to do even better in 2021 and to concentrate on the continued expansion of Loft Thai Spa. Our Signature Spa experience includes facial contouring to lift and rejuvenate, body firming therapy and warm oil massage accompanied by Video Lightning Experience induce a state of pure harmony.

Recognised by ELLE Beauty 2021 Award Winning. Body Scrub treatments are tailored to your skin's needs. We use a selection of natural products & ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Avocado Butter, Cucumber extrat, Tamarin extract and Centella extract.

Award Winning
Spa in Thailand

From your initial phone call to opening day, our supportive team will guide you through every step of the opening process to ensure a smooth, carefree experience. Loft Thai Spa believes that we are stronger together and equips you with everything you need to embrace success with our spa and massage franchise from day one.

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