Loft Thai - Spa & Thai Massage

A Timeless Classical Elegance Thai Spa in the heart of Bangkok

What we do

A state-of-the-art retreat with sweeping Bangkok city views, this luxurious haven of wellbeing takes guests on a journey of wellness.

The best Thai Spa Experience

Loft Thai Boutique Spa & Massage wellbeing menu ranges from traditional thai massage, oil massage, anti-ageing facials and detoxifying body treatments to massages designed to restore internal balance.

World-renowned for its therapies

Signature experiences include facial contouring to lift and rejuvenate, body firming therapies and oil massages accompanied by Video Lightning Experience induce a state of pure harmony.

Have you ever felt tired or stressed and felt like a relaxing treatment could simply cure everything? Loft Thai Boutique Spa & Massage focuses on holistic practices to your total body decompression, mind and spirit. These relaxation methods aim to combine harmony between human and nature, nurturing them to feel more grounded and balanced inside out.

Appealing to all scenes, it is inevitable to feel the peacefulness the moment you step into the spa. Loft Thai Boutique Spa & Massage crafted our own line of products based on famous, luxury brands and developed it with high quality . Every moment experienced in the spa is customized personally to meet each person’s preferences and complements of their body types. The treatments are nature-based, including various types of herbs, plants and flowers. Moreover, various massages, body scrubs, and body wraps are also the available therapies options at our spa.

We are an awesome team of passionate Therapists

Our quality of service assessment involves controlling and managing resources to ensure customers' satisfaction.

Boutique Art Gallery
Unique Ambiance Essential Oil & 3D Sound Background
Professional and Certified therapists
Finest environment and products
SHA certification
Loft Thai - Spa & Thai Massage

Relaxing and Quiet place

Loft Thai Boutique Spa & Massage
Loft Thai - Spa & Thai Massage

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Luxury Thai Spa
Loft Thai - Spa & Thai Massage

Located at Sukhumvit (Thonglor)

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