Top Best Massage in Bangkok by Clever Thai

Top Best Massage in Bangkok by Clever Thai

Are you wandering around the streets of Bangkok figuring out what you would like to do by yourself or with a friend? If all the ideas that you have at the top of your head are to visit the mall or walk down the streets for local restaurants, then you should think about getting a Thai massage at the best massage & spa salon in Bangkok.

Loft Thai Spa would like to thank CleverThai for recognizing us as the 8 places for the best massages in Bangkok. We are honored to be a part of this list as we continue to build our brand to be the best massage & spa salon in Bangkok. 

Loft Thai Boutique Spa & Massage is located in the heart of Bangkok and has been growing larger in terms of clientele for the past few years now. We have a full range of massages from traditional Thai massage all the way to cannabis oil massage. We have trusted and licensed therapists that have been in the business to make sure that your experience is memorable and unique in comparison to other massage parlors. Our packages are built to be tailor-made for any individual as everyone has different bodies and reacts to different massages.

As of recent, we are world-renowned for signature therapies that include facial contouring to lift and rejuvenate the body as well as oil massages. As Thailand recently uplifted the ban on cannabis, we have also incorporated a cannabis oil massage for all customers. This shows that we are innovative and like to keep up with the trend to provide as much as we can for our customers. To this day, we continue to improve to achieve more rewards and to be the best spa in the country.

oil massages

Our DNA lies within the relationship between the customer and the therapist. Before any treatment is done, we make sure a connection is strongly built to understand deeply where our customers are coming from and what type of massage is needed to feel relief. We follow three components that make up the unique experience: Body Balance, Muscle Relief, and Mind Balance. These three cores help create the atmosphere of a perfect massage for all ages and help promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

As we recognized from some of the signature massages, we have also partnered with brands where we have the ability to use their products such as face creams or oils to our customers. These products are natural ingredients that provide different benefits to the skin and the body. With our tailor-made packages, we have incorporated all of the necessary products to make the massage experience a unique one. 

Included in one of our packages that we have been promoting for many months now is the couple massage package. This is also a unique package as the rate of couples seen in Bangkok is rising and this provides them an activity that they can do to improve their relationship. Our therapists will help explain to the couples why this improves their relationship and how it can improve the intimacy levels in their home as massages mainly use the human touch and feel. 

couple massage

For more information, you can visit our about us page to dive down into the specific details of this unique treatment, and you can also head to our booking page to book a spot for an amazing experience for all kinds of massage experiences today!