Loft Thai Spa takes Spa Experience to new highs with CBD Oil

Loft Thai Spa takes Spa Experience to new highs with CBD Oil

CBD Oil massage can be an excellent choice that combines all the benefits of cannabidiol and Thai massage therapy in one deeply relaxing treatment.

Read on to learn more about CBD, the benefits of CBD massage, and why you should consider signing up for a treatment today.

This healing treatment brings you the benefits of CBD oil and cupping. Our CBD directly influences muscle, nerve pain, and inflammation. Cupping can enhance the circulation to the treated area. This massage will address up to three areas of chronic pain.

Loft Thai Spa Experience with CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is infused into massage oils, lotions and balms and used topically during a treatment. The combination of all of these factors will result in the most relaxing massage you have experienced.

Not only is this massage therapeutic, but it also has many health benefits. Medical News Today explains scientific and clinical research have identified CBD as a potential healing and treatment agent for, but not limited to, alcoholism, anxiety, arthritis, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, neurological disorders and PTSD.

CBD doesn’t have many health related concerns. One of the biggest issues has to do with skin sensitivity. As with any topical lotion or oil, there is a chance sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction.

Make sure you contact our Therapist at Loft Thai Spa if you have any doubts about getting this treatment. This new CBD massage in Bangkok offered at Loft Thai Spa is a revolutionary practice that could all around improve your health.

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