Art Gallery with Thanyarat Apipatrugikorn

The Art Gallery space is dedicated to imagination and creativity, and as a result, it appears oneiric and abstract. On the other hand, The Spa is real, physical, designed for the body, and where the mind, in particular, can be allowed to wander freely, to relax after the concentration and tension of inspiration.

This month we invite you to discover Khun Thanyarat Apipatrugikorn diverse set of craftspeople and the artistry of the process beyond the Art of Wellness. 
Thanyarat Apipatrugikorn, a graduate in the art industry, doesn't only focus on the drawing aspect but emphasizes the beauty of water coloring skills. Initially working in the interior design industry, she came back to teach students in art school to show them inspirations of watercolor art. She loves to blend dark and intense colors to create beautiful fruit paintings to display courage with the use of different colors. Thanyarat has joined Pimclick for an interview to explain the inspiration behind her fruit painting series.