Understanding unique Pregnancy Massages at Loft Thai Spa

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage or Prenatal massage can be used to refer to any massage that is performed during or after pregnancy (prenatal, postnatal, etc.).

An hour is the norm for a pregnancy massage. Some practitioners use a pregnancy massage table. This table is designed to fit a pregnant woman's belly. To position a woman on their side, others use specially-designed pillows called bolsters. This is especially helpful in the latter stages of pregnancy. It is the most comfortable position, and it is usually best to lie on your side.

The potential benefits of pregnancies massage
A few small studies have only focused on massage during pregnancy. There have not been any definite benefits. One study by the University of Miami School of Medicine indicates that massage therapy may have multiple benefits, including:

  • Lower anxiety
  • Reduced back and leg pain
  • Better sleep
  • A decrease in the levels of stress hormone norepinephrine

Researchers found that pregnancy massage can be used to relieve depression in depressed women.

  • An increase in levels of dopamine and serotonin, the "feel-good", hormones
  • A sign of stress is a decrease in cortisol levels
  • A general improvement in mood

Massage has many other benefits, according to research. Massage may help with pain or boost immunity to prevent future infections. 

Pregnancy Massage

Safe Techniques for Pregnancy Massage and Prenatal Massage
In Thailand, there are over 80 types of massage. There are approximately 500 programs for massage therapy. Some examples of the most common types of massage are:

  • Firm strokes are used to massage the deep tissues with firm pressure.
  • Swedish massage with long strokes and attention to joint mobility.
  • Shiatsu is a form of Shiatsu that involves pressure and tapping on acupuncture points to stimulate the body’s natural energy.

Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?
Because of the wide range in training, some doctors are hesitant to recommend massage during pregnancy. This is particularly true for pregnancy massage in Thailand. Some states do not have the same minimum training requirements for massage therapists, regardless of whether their client is pregnant. Massage therapy during pregnancy, as with many complementary medicines, has not been thoroughly studied using high-quality technique research methods. A controversial issue is whether it is safe to receive a massage in the first trimester.

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