Best Spa Treatments at Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok and Thailand

Best Spa Treatments at Loft Thai Spa

The spa is usually indulged by women with busy work-a-day lives and multi-tasking mamas.

However, there is no valid reason why men cannot enjoy the Spa as well. More and more spas are introducing and offering male-specific options, such as scrubs and wrapping. Having a finely groomed male body has become the fad recently and no one here is complaining about men keeping their physical and mental wellness in fine shape.


Best Spa Treatments at Loft Thai Spa


One reason to visit is for a pedicure, manicure and facial treatment for men. As in Thailand, many nail salons are occupied by girls. It can be difficult for a man to have his pedicure and manicure in such a place. Unique and ultra-defined facial treatment is another favorite trend for men right now.

The now-dubbed, “Manly-cure” is another spa treatment and a reason the opposite sex is choosing to visit. Clean, cut and shaped nails on both hands and toes are both professional-looking and help with their cuticle health. Most men are not versed in nail care and we are not complaining at having men coming into the spa for a mani-pedi!


Best Spa Treatments at Loft Thai Spa


Grooming as a whole is the item for most men and they are heading to the spa to make it happen. Massages are not just for women, with men frequenting it for a well-deserved unwind. When you imagine how much men work and hit the gym, a massage has incredible benefits to their physique and soothes their sore muscles more than just stretching after a workout. This is another reason for men to frequent the spa and maintain their physical wellbeing. 

Then, another reason is our award-winning body scrubs that men seem to thoroughly enjoy. Scrubs are an excellent way of maintaining clean and healthy skin with exfoliating dead skin cells from the body. Men, in particular, are drawn to this spa treatment for several reasons. Not only is it a pleasant feeling to have clean, smooth skin, but it’s also great for confidence and physical mentality. Men indulging in spa treatments is okay with us at Loft Thai Spa. 


Best Spa Treatments at Loft Thai Spa


Lastly, there is nothing strange about a man wanting to pamper himself at the spa! It shows care for his body and good grooming etiquette, plus this relaxing time was not created just for women. We encourage anyone to try out a trip to the spa – they certainly won't be disappointed!

Loft Thai is a hidden and award-winning Spa, dedicated to providing a relaxing art gallery environment and spa experience rather than just a massage.

- Aromatherapy Oil Massage
- Thai Body Massage
- Foot Massage with Movie
- Facial Treatment
- Organic Body Scrub
- Detox Massage
- Herbal Compress
- Hot Stone Massage
- Four Hands Oil Massage
- Signature Oil in One Treatment

Loft Thai Spa is proud to offer premier spa and wellness services in a luxury environment with signature treatments. The Spa provides you with a comprehensive approach to well-being by offering customized products and services. Lead by a nationally renowned team of therapists and experts, our integrated approach to wellness is designed to fulfill your personal needs and provide long-lasting health and happiness.