Facial Gua Sha Massage with Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok

Facial Gua Sha Massage with Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok

A Gua Sha has a long history despite being a popular facial massage instrument nowadays. A Gua Sha is a natural, alternative therapy that includes scraping the skin with a small tool. It was originally an antiquated Chinese therapeutic method.

The Gua Sha itself provides multiple benefits with its unique approach to better health. By using these unique tools, you can expect these benefits:

  • Strong and improved circulation in applied areas
  • Tension release around the face and neck
  • Inflammation release and lymphatic drainage
  • Increased and improved appearance of fine lines and dark circles

A gua sha is actually rather easy to use, despite the fact that it may appear to be a frightening or complicated skincare item. Additionally, it can be used on the body and scalp in addition to the face, but be careful not to put it on exposed skin. To guarantee that your skin is protected, use water or oil.

Facial Gua Sha Massage with Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok

After you have achieved moistured skin, you can follow these steps:

  • With the curved side facing your face, hold your gua sha. Start with the neck and gradually glide it up and out. To remove fluid, make sure to stroke down the neck, never upwards.
  • Next, stroke the skin between three and five times over your jawline, chin, and mouth area. Always use brief strokes that move only in one direction, never back and forth. Work muscles into relaxation first gently, then firmly, to minimize puffiness.
  • To calm and de-puff, press the tool flat against the skin and then gently glide over any redness or beneath the eyes.
  • Finally, raise the brow bone with a few light horizontal strokes of the instrument or alleviate tension between the brows by holding and pressing upward.

Results for reducing puffiness and tension are almost immediately apparent. To see the additional advantages that your gua sha can provide, we advise using it a few times every week. After a few weeks of consistent application, your complexion will start to seem more toned and lifted.

We advise you to utilize your gua sha two to three times per week in order to get real effects. However, the time of day actually depends on the kind of outcomes you want. A gua sha will reduce puffiness while reviving the skin in the morning. While at night you'll probably be attempting to loosen up the facial muscles and tight connective tissue.

A gua sha targets the fibrous tissue in the face to release tension while also lifting and firming the skin. While both a gua sha and a roller will aid in lymphatic drainage. The gua sha's form is ideal for "sculpting" the facial muscles since it simultaneously creates pressure and stretches muscles.