Discover Eau de Spa

Discover Eau de Spa

Eau de Spa Experts perform treatments all over the world in some of the best spas and skincare salons.
Using nature's most restorative and nourishing ingredients, the award-winning skincare brand brings wellness to your home and at our Spa.

Eau de Spa products contain only natural, plant-derived ingredients from Thailand and France. Organic ingredients, combined with pure, cold-pressed essential oils, make Eau de Spa products nourishing and one-of-a-kind.

Their knowledge enables them to treat everyone as individuals, creating personalised skincare and wellbeing recommendations.

In addition, Eau de Spa work with skincare specialists such as dermatologists, biochemists and aromatherapists to continue to grow our knowledge and understanding of skin health and to create the most innovative, natural and effective products and treatments.

Whether in the spa or at home, our carefully crafted products will help you to have beautiful skin and feel your very best every day.