Creating Your Personal Wellness Journey
A Spa and Massage Guideline

Press Interview

A new Press Interview with Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok & Thailand

Press Interview: Thailand, the spa capital of the world, is a holistic holiday destination promising a treasure trove of relaxation and wellness experiences;

A Great Review from Emma

A Great Review from Emma by Loft Thai Spa in Bangkok & Thailand

A few weeks ago on a super hot day in Sukhumvit Bangkok, I headed to Loft Thai Boutique Spa & Massage, having been invited to try out their Signature Spa Treatment.

Inspirational Art Gallery & Massage

Inspirational Art Gallery & Massage

With the mix of Thai and Modern Art Spa décor element, the new Loft Thai Boutique Spa & Massage is designed to be a haven tranquillity,...

Thai Massage & Benefits

Understanding the Thai Massage & Benefits in Bangkok

Enjoy various health benefits of a traditional Thai massage which focuses on stretching, pulling and rocking movements. It incorporates use of the therapist’s hands, knees, legs and feet to apply deep muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure.

Spa for Men

Exploring the treatments of Spa for Men in the Heart of Bangkok

Loft Thai Spa is not just for women and couples. Men are increasingly discovering the importance of taking time out of their busy lives to relax and recharge.

Spa & Massage at Home

Techniques of Spa Treatments & Massage at your own Home

People have to stay safe and be patient at home in this awkward situation. Staying at home might be tiring, boring, and stressful. This is why Loft Thai Spa offers Massages and Treatments provided at your Home.

Loft Thai Spa & Massage - Award-Winning ELLE Beauty 2021

Loft Thai Spa & Massage - Award-Winning ELLE Beauty 2021

Loft Thai Spa has always been dedicated to providing its clients with the highest level of service and care.